DIY Magazine Clutch Purse

Remember this clutch I made last year? Well, I just saw some pictures on my iPad and decided to give you guys a picture tutorial. Lazy me….hehehehe.


I had just ordered my first set of Mod Podge from Amazon and was so excited. Dug out my old clutch purse which I had mentally reserved for a makeover and did some Mod Podge Magic.

You’ll need:
An old clutch purse
Magazine with beautiful colored pictures (or not)
Mod Podge
Bristle or foam brushes

So here goes….







I had fun with this one and I hope you do too.

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Have a great week guys.



Bling Out Your Old Clutch in 3 Easy DIY Steps

So it was my friend’s marriage introduction and I was in a pretty craft mood. Here’s what I did and I suggest you do too.

(In the voice of Emmet in The Lego Movie)

Step 1
Bring out your poor old clutch purse (or any other ‘unblinged’ purse for that matter).


Step 2
Bring out your flat-back or sew-on crystals and your E6000 glue.


Step 3
Start gluing the crystals on to your purse. Allow to dry for 24 hours at least (very important). And there you have it. Your very own DIY blinged out purse.


Easy right?

Hit me up in the comments section if you have questions (or if you’d just like to say hi) 🙂

Off to my salsa class now.


Turn your sunglasses case into a leopard print clutch bag – awesome DIY!

DIY Leopard Print Clutch

I’ve got an awesome DIY to share today; I can hardly contain my excitement. I saw this DIY Leopard Box Clutch tutorial over at My Little Secrets and always thought it would be a great project to try out. And then recently, opportunity knocked on my DIY door and I opened not just the doors, but the windows and the sun roof as well….hehehehe.

I’d asked my colleagues at the office to bring me their old jewelry so I could re-purpose them and Sope brought hers in this really cool Gucci sunglasses case. However, it wasn’t exactly new and had some scratches all over it. Ding! And I decided to make lemonade.

Let’s dive right in to the tutorial, shall we?

What you’ll need

A big old (or new, if you like) Sunglasses case – preferably shaped like a purse

Spray paint or acrylic paint (white for the base and any other colour of your choice)

Primer (necessary if you’ve got peels on the case)

Permanent and/or paint markers (Black and Gold)

Gloss varnish spray


DIY Leopard Print Clutch 3

1. Sand the sunglasses case only if it’s glossy and be careful not to ‘peel’ the surface. I realized that later on that shouldn’t have sanded mine because it wasn’t glossy in the first place but I was paranoid after my spray painted shoe fail and I ended up peeling some areas in my anxiety. I used nail fil to sand by the way

DIY Leopard Print Clutch 5

2. Spray paint a base coat in white and allow drying to touch. Then spray paint in your favourite colour and leave for 12-24hours to let the paint dry completely. (I covered the inner part of the case surface with scotch tape to allow for some contrast).

Now I had an issue with the areas that got peeled because the paint never seemed to cover them and I was getting frustrated. Long story short, I went to an art shop and asked for a primer (a medium that artists paint on their canvas to cover mistakes before painting over them as well as other uses). I painted the primer all over the case, allowed to dry and then spray painted in yellow.

DIY Leopard Print Clutch 6

3. Using your black paint marker, draw out irregular shapes all over the case, fill the shapes with the paint and allow to dry. Next, use the gold marker to draw irregular shapes in the center of each black shape. If your shapes are too widely space and you might want to fill the spaces with small irregular shapes. You can also use this to cover any imperfections.

4. Outline the edges with the black marker and remove the scotch tape.

5. Spray with gloss varnish and allow to dry.

6. Rock your new leopard print clutch bag and hold out your imaginary basket to contain the accompanying compliments.

DIY Leopard Print Clutch 7

I totally had fun doing this project and I’m tempted to try it out on other materials – sneakers, t-shirts, who knows?

Please, please, please, do try out this tutorial. I would love to see what you come up with.

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Lots of love from craft heaven,