Talk To You Soon….



Christmas is just around the corner….oh well, almost. As is my usual tradition, I go card shopping so I can share, in words, the joy and cheer of the season with the very many people in my life. Which means I have to buy very many cards; you know those that are sold in packs of 12 or 24. Well the problem with those kind of cards is that there are only 2 or 4 designs in a pack which means that at least 4 people in my office will get the same kind of card.ย  Kind of cold, isn’t it? Totally uncool. Wait, aren’t they opposites, cold and uncool? Oh sorry, I digress. Anyways for added warmth and that personal touch, I have to write in each and every one of about 50 – 70 cards. What? Phew!!! But its work that’s gotta be done.


While my illustration is a bit extreme, don’t you just hate the fact that the cards you buy for that special someone are just mass produced and very often, doesn’t capture the essence of the message you are trying to relay? Wouldn’t it be more fulfilling to give a card that says exactly how you feel? In addition to a gift of course; before you’ll do ‘alaroro’ and say I advised you to only give cards.


Enter Talk To You Soon (TTYSoon), an online personalized card service in Nigeria. You can pretty much do anything with this one guys. Wherever you are in the world, just customize your card, upload your message and/or image and you are good to go. TTYSoon will print your card and deliver free of chargeย  to your friend, mother, colleague, boss, sister-in-law, pastor, landlord (I’m sure you get the point).


No. I’m not being paid to advertize the service; so why am I doing this? I love technology and I love solutions. Even more, I love when technology has an affair with solution and they give birth to a bouncing baby idea. Especially an idea so simple and novel, you become jealous; jealous that you didn’t think about it first. And yes, I am jealous….sobs!


Moral of the story? While technology in Nigeria is currently in it infancy stage, it is fast learning to crawl and we need to be right there when it goes boom. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’ve been, there’s still an opportunity for us to be part of the digital age. As long as there are problems, there are opportunities and using technology as part of your solutions will lead to sometimes simple, yet mind-boggling innovations.

2 thoughts on “Talk To You Soon….

  1. This is great, a very good and courageous technological invention to patronise by all that love good creativity and good things of life. Thanks for bringing this to my notice through your blog.


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