Day 5 #7daysofgratitude


1.  I am thankful for colors. Being able to express ourselves, our moods, our preferences, our feelings in colors is a true gift. Even our Father expressed Himself in colors – look at green trees, blue skies, white (or brown or red or grey) sand, flowers and birds and people of different colors. All different but yet the same.

2.  I am thankful for challenges because they help shape me, make me uncomfortable and make me better. Like gold through the fire, I come out refined, better, more useful and more valuable than I was before. May your road be rough, remember?

3.  I am thankful for food (obviously…lol). The wonderful relationship between sweet caramel and salty peanuts; the taste of melted cheese as you take that bite of pizza; soft brown amala in a brief love affair with ewedu and gbegiri with shaki and kpomo obstructing your fluid hand movements; olives, wine and garlic celebrating the beautiful pink shrimps in Italian Puttanesca, Pringles and soft cheese washed down my throat with cold white wine. Different cultures uniting in the color, taste, aroma and origin of great food.

I realize I really like food (lol) and I’m sure you do too. As I always say, if we’re going to eat everyday of our lives, we can at least try and make each meal an interesting experience 🙂

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