Day 3 #7daysofgratitude


1. I am thankful for the gift of dance. To know and experience a passion so deep, it’s hard to put it in words. It really takes another on the same pIane to get what I’m saying. I’m not the best stepper I know but I think when I was coming into the world, God said, smiling, “and oh Omo, here’s a special gift for you. It’ll help you in times of joy and pain, celebration and sadness. And if used wisely, it can be so much more”. And I do hope I’m being a good steward of this gift.

2. I’m thankful for the gift of Spirit Of David. Dancing for and on behalf of my Lord and Master is such a great privilege. Speaking to the hearts of men in soft notes that they miss in speech; crying for man’s attention to the will and love of Christ; drawing men from the depths of depression unto salvation through music and dance; expressing messages of hope that are otherwise ‘lost in translation’ through words; leading men to their purpose and calling through each unique and anointed step or pointe or choreography is more than I could ever have asked for. Having the opportunity to give my dream and purpose and passion for the glory of my Saviour and for the redemption of man is a gift that is beyond words.

3. I’m thankful for the gift of music. Now I don’t really know how to sing (except you count those few times in the shower when I’m a superstar…lol). However I think that those who bring words to life, through music and spoken word are a gift to humanity. More important to me are those who bring people hope and to Life (Christ) with this gift. Without music, the world would be cold and colorless and sharing in this gift albeit through listening and acknowledging and crying and dancing and laughing is simply amazing. These wordsmiths are some of God’s gift to mankind.



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