Day 1: #7daysofgratitude




So my very dear friend Alero Anireju Arenyeka nominated me for the #7daysofgratitude challenge. I am expected to share 3 things I am thankful for on my Facebook wall for the next 7 days. Oh well, I might as well post it on my blog and let the whole world know. Here goes…..


Day 1 #7daysofgratitude


1.    I am thankful for the privilege of knowing and serving Christ and for His precious gift of salvation. While that may sound cliche, I would like to state here that I grew up a ‘Christian’, going to church and engaging in all the attendant perfunctory activities (at least for me at the time). It was a chore. However, in the last couple of years, I’ve really come to know Him and I’m learning to love Him and serve Him daily with the gifts He has given me. And I’m really, truly thankful for that. May He continually be praised and I pray you get to know Him and love Him the way, or even better, than I’m learning to.


2.    I’m thankful for my family. I know that many people are thankful for their families (and they should be) but having parents that let you express yourself in your own unique way while guiding you the best they can; parents that love you in spite of your many foolish endeavours; parents that encourage you to blossom and be better than they are; parents that you can have an open and honest conversation with and who take the time and effort to understand your ‘times’ so they can relate with you better (I mean, video games and all…yeah, seriously).


Siblings that you can pour out your heart to without fear of being judged; siblings that are your friends and who are actually in your circle of friends; siblings that you can have a party with, alone, and it will rock better than a concert on your best day; siblings that get you, love, support, encourage and protect you. It may sound like ‘wash’ but it true and its from my heart. I know that not everyone has this precious gift and I want you to know that I do not take what we have for granted. I am thankful for the gift of my family and I love you all so deeply.


3.    I’m thankful for my friends. Friends who have become family; who see the best in me and who make me better than they met me. Friends who stimulate my intellect; who push me and who do not see the need to put up any airs around me. Friends who I do not see for 5 years but we do see, we carry on from the last ‘gist’ we had like time never passed. Friends who I can cry with and laugh with till my sides hurt. Because I love to laugh… a lot.


Friends who will dare tell me the truth knowing that I may lash back at them. But they don’t care because they are my friends and its their responsibility. Friends who hold me accountable, who love me and pray for me. I don’t have many close friends but those I have are precious to me. I’m glad I chose good friends. But I’m most thankful they chose me back.


Day 2 is tomorrow….obviously 🙂 and I most definitely will be back.


Celebrate an attitude of gratitude. Join the 7 day gratitude challenge. It will really help you reflect on the blessings and people you have in your life.


What are you thankful for? I would love for you to share.


See you tomorrow.


Love, Omo

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