DIY Chicken, Bacon and Cheese Club Sandwich



I always wanted to make a club sandwich. I mean, a proper club sandwich with all the works. Every time I ate a sandwich from Cactus or Chocolate Royale, I would say to myself, ‘Omo, you need to make one of these; how hard can it be?” And then my day came. I went grocery shopping with my brother and my friend on Tuesday; and decided there and then that I would shop for all the ingredients. It was so worth it :).

It’s really easy to make and you will wonder (like I did), why you didn’t try this sooner. Here’s what I used;


Sliced bread – toasted golden brown

Cheddar Cheese slices

Smoked Chicken – deboned and sliced

Bacon – put in a non-stick pan and fry until brown and crispy, then slice

Lettuce – washed and sliced

Onions – washed and sliced

Tomatoes – washed and sliced

Boiled eggs – sliced



(yeah I know, the calories – just stay with me)

Butter one side of one toast slice. Lay 2 or 3 bacon slices and place the cheese slice on top of the bacon.

Place a toast slice on top and spread mayonnaise on the side facing up.

Lay lettuce, tomato, onions and boiled egg slices and cover with another toast, ‘mayoed’ side down.

Lay the chicken slices next and cover with a toast slice, buttered side down.

Drive a toothpick through either angles of the sandwich and slice through the other 2 angles.

Get a hot or cold beverage and eat your DIY Cheese, Bacon and Chicken Club Sandwich to your heart’ content

….and then work it all out tomorrow. We’ll maybe not just tomorrow …hehehehe

I think you pull this off as well. Don’t you?

I’ve got a cheesecake treat coming right up. Wanna stay updated? Please follow my blog and share with your friends.

Have great weekend guys


6 thoughts on “DIY Chicken, Bacon and Cheese Club Sandwich

  1. G’day from Oz! I’ve just pinned your post to my Say G’Day Saturday board-thanks so much for linking up.

    Hope you can join in again this weekend!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz


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