DIY Layered Chain Necklace

Yeah I know I’ve AWOL for a while but that’s just because I’ve been so busy with publicity of the Spirit of David’s concert in support of the Fire initiative holding  at the Muson Centre on June 14. Please do follow Fire on Instagram (@firenaija); Facebook ( and twitter (@firenaija). The official hashtag is #firenaija. Thanks. I love you forever for doing this 🙂

Ok. So even though I have not been blogging actively, I still try to get my daily dose of inspiration from Pinterest, Craftgawker and a couple of my favourite blogs and I see that people are really into some serious projects. Anyways, I couldn’t resist getting my hands on Francesca’s DIY Chain Layer Necklace. I just had to make me one. Check out her awesome projects at Fall for DIY.


DIY Layered Chain Necklace


DIY Layered Chain Necklace 2


What do you think? Me likey!

Ok so I gotta run. Don’t forget to share and do follow my blog for more updates.

Have a great weekend my lovelies.

Lots of love,


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