Happy Blogiversary To Koltureshoq + Awesome Giveaway


Ok so I joined WordPress same day last year with the intention of having 2 blogs – one for my personal day-in-day-out experiences and the other for my crafts.

I started off with Osiemix and then Koltureshoq took off much later. With a truly wise advice from Stephanie Obi who’s an online marketing genius, I merged both blogs so that my wonderful followers can get to know Omo the crafter, dancer and banker all in one person, all in one place.

Its been one year already and I can hardly believe it. I have grown and have learned so much about myself and about the blogosphere in this internet real estate of mine.

I’ve also met and have become friends with so many wonderful people, many I may never get to meet physically, but who have been such a blessing and inspiration to me.

My father, my Heavenly Father that is, has been so good to me this past year, and I have become so close to Him, its hard to describe the feeling. I hope that you get to develop a relationship with Him as you go through my daily devotionals.

Here’s to many more years of doing the things I love the most – dancing, crafting, blogging, laughing, reading, surfing the net, giving and loving.

We learn and grow. So I would like feedback on what you think I should do better this time around. I’d really appreciate that.

To celebrate Koltureshoq’s one year anniversary, I’ll be making one of the following items, for the first 3 people who can guess my favourite glue and the name of my favourite perfume of all time (which by the way, is on my wishlist for my birthday next month). Clue: Its by Estee Lauder๐Ÿ™‚

One DIY Valentine Cocktail Necklace
Two Fabric Covered Bracelets
Three Shamballa-Style Arm Candies

Winners will be announced next week and will be contacted via email for colour preferences and shipping details. Shipping costs will be borne by me to any part of the world.

Thank you for being a part of my journey and I hope to give you more of me in the years to come.

Have a great weekend my lovelies.

Lots of love,

One thought on “Happy Blogiversary To Koltureshoq + Awesome Giveaway

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