DIY Valentine Cocktail Necklace

DIY Valentine Cocktail Necklace  4

Hello my lovelies,

I hope y’all had a great weekend. With all the valentine projects going around, I thought I’d make one myself. Who says a valentine project has to be red? I made this beautiful pink and aqua green cocktail necklace you might wanna make and wear on your valentine date night (or any other time for that matter). It’s so quick and easy, you’ll be tempted to make for all your friends (and that’s not a bad idea by the way).
Anyways, let’s get to it, shall we?

What You’ll Need

Curb Chain

large tear drop beads ( 10 or 11)

Head pins

Jump rings

End clasps


1. Bead the head pins with the beads and create simple loops.

2. Measure the chain around your neck to your preferred length.

3. Determine the middle of your chain. Attach the beads to the chain using jump rings starting from the middle and working your way up from either side.

I just love the colors! Notice how I replaced one of the aqua green beads with a deep green one? Beautiful! (If I do say so myself). I had my colleague wear it for a photo shoot in the office….using my Ipad 🙂

DIY Valentine Cocktail Necklace 5

I would love to see your comments. And do share if you get to try out this project.

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Lots of love,


Bling Out Your Shirt Collar With An Old CD – Awesome DIY


Hey guys,

I said yesterday that I would share a quick and easy DIY project. Here goes;

What You’ll Need

  • An old CD (with the holographic part still intact)
  • Glue
  • Shirt with collar


1. Cut the CD into little pieces. Mine were a bit large but I think they’ll look better in smaller pieces. If the CD is very difficult to cut, boil some water and soak the CD in in it to make it softer.

2. Apply the glue to the back of each CD piece and place on your shirt collar.

3. Hang the shirt to dry over night.

4.Rock your new blinged out shirt.

You may wanna glue on some stones to really bling it out but since I’ll be wearing it to the office tomorrow, I decided to leave it a bit subtle (if you can call it that).

Can I wash the shirt? I’m not sure for now. If wanna do this differently though, I would file all sharp edges and I would use E6000 glue because it can really hold (and is the best multipurpose glue in my opinion). I’ll let you know how it goes though.

Ok, so I’ve got to run to my salsa class….yay!!! I LOVE SALSA! Period.

I really need motivation for my next project. If there’s anything you would like to have me make, please leave me a comment with the link to the website, blog or picture and I’ll get busy with it 🙂 😉

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Lots of love,



PS: I first saw this project on Useful DIY. You might wanna check out her method and her other works. Sorry I forgot to include that earlier.

DIY Statement Necklace

DIY Statement Necklace 2


Hey my lovelies,

Its been such a long time. I’ve had a creative block for a while now (how long is it supposed to last cos its killing me?) and I’m trying to get our of it. To compensate for my long silence, I’m going to share a necklace I made a while back and then share another quick project tomorrow.

Without further ado, here goes;


What You’ll Need

  • Felt
  • Shiny multicolored embroidery thread
  • Chain
  • Cord (I used an old rope cord form a flea market)
  • Glue (preferably E6000)



DIY Statement Necklace 2

1. Braid the thread and secure at both ends with wire (use your preferred measurement. I just eyeballed it).

2. Arrange the  cord, braided thread and chain on the felt in the pattern you like. At first, I was only going to use cord and thread and only decided to use the chain afterwards.

3. Draw out the necklace pattern on the felt with a white chalk pencil using the cord, thread and chain as a guide.

4. Apply glue on the necklace pattern and arrange your materials as in 2. above.

5. Allow to dry for a long while. Cut out the excess felt.

6. Go rock your new statement necklace.

Hmmm, I feel a bit more motivated just writing this tutorial. I might try out some other materials pretty soon – pearls, stones, beads, etc. Please show me some comment love and tell me what you think. I’d like to hear from you; plus it will really motivate me to do more projects 🙂

Like I said earlier, I’ll be sharing a really quick, fun project tomorrow. I’d like for you to come see it.

Have fun guys and have a great day.


Lots of love,


HELP! I’ve Been Invited To A 16-Week Craft Class + Arm Candy Update

Do you get the feeling of both excitement and fear when something you’ve been hoping and praying for suddenly falls on your laps? Please tell me I’m not the only one….please!

I’ve just been invited to teach craft every Saturday for 16 weeks at the Artwyn Art Gallery in Lagos (starting February 2014) and I’m elated! I can hardly believe how fast the year is moving already. It’s a  great opportunity and a really heady feeling. One of the organizers called today and asked me to hand in my 16-week syllabus and now reality is setting in. “Huh? (cobwebs clearing from my head), a syllabus?”

I’m a little scared and I feel a bit overwhelmed and vulnerable. And as is typical of me, I’ve gone paranoid with thinking and planning. “What courses do I teach?”, “how do I prepare the handouts?”, “how do I apportion the time?”, “can I do this?”, “of course I can do this!”, “how do I do this?”, “what materials do I need?”……its a crazy train station in my head. But I know that I can do All Things through Christ who strengthens me. “Fear not, for I am with you”, He says.

If you do know anything about craft classes and how to organize them, I’d really appreciate your support and advice right now. Yeah? Thanks.

Ok, here’s a quick and much-needed digression. I still got my Arm Candy project going on and thought to share a picture of some of the ones I made recently. I think they are cool. What do you think?

Arm Candy 4


I really would like to hear your advice on how to organize my craft class. It would be really helpful. Really (okay, I’ll stop that already).

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Lots of love from craft heaven,


Multistrand Chain and Bead Bracelet

KoltureShoq chain and bead bracelet
Kolture Shoq

Hello lovelies,

Its already day 4 of the new year and so much has happened already! As usual, I’ve got a lot on my plate but I ‘m glad I’m off to a good start 🙂

I haven’t made anything new yet so today I’m gonna share a bracelet I made for my colleague Ibilola. I wasn’t available on her birthday and so, I decided to make something extra special for her. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures to back up my tutorial but this is pretty easy (but can be a bit time consuming)

What You’ll Need

  • 2 chains about 7 inches each (or to fit your wrist)
  • Beads (at least one for each chain link)
  • Eye pins (or head pins)
  • Jump rings
  • End clasps


1. Arrange the 2 chains side by side and join them using the jump rings, link by link i.e., use one jump ring to join 2 chain links – one from each chain. Continue until you have joined all the links together

2.  Bead each eye pin  with a bead and create a simple loop.  My Girlish Whims has a great tutorial on how to create simple loops here

3.  Now attach the bead charms to the  chain using jump rings. For this bracelet, I used one bead charm per link. You can use more depending on the size of your chain links and if you want a fuller look.

4. Attach the ends clasps and you are good to go.

I put the bracelet in a jewelry box to make it look all fancy but I can’t find that pix right now.Will update as soon as I do.

What do you think about the bracelet? Do you think you can pull this off?

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Lots of love,


2013, A Year of Restoration – A Review Of The Sorrow, Joy, Pain and Happiness I Felt This Year ( A Pretty Long Post)


A lot of what I say today is going to sound cliché but I want you to know that they are true and hold deep meaning for me. I wasn’t off to a great start at the beginning of the year. In fact, the first 3 months of this year were one of my lowest in a long time. Nothing I did in my personal, professional or spiritual life seemed to be working. I almost fell into a depression.

I read somewhere that sometimes, God let us hit rock bottom so that we see that He is the Rock at the bottom. I sort of drew strength from that. I pretty much clung to anything that would give me hope and the will to move forward. I had just come out of a depression the year before and I was determined to never go back to that endless dark hole of nothingness.

In my part of the world, depression is not taken seriously and is hardly considered or treated as an actual illness. After all, I was of the same school of thought before I experienced it myself. It’s a really horrible and painful thing for anyone to go through and sometimes, it’s just emptiness, void of any emotion. That emptiness, that inability to feel any emotion is, in my opinion, worse than any pain. But let’s deal with depression on a later date, shall we? Now on to more cheer.

Fast forward to April and I decided to do a spring clean on my life. Or should I say, an overhaul. I’m gonna turn 30 next year and I wanted to be sure I was preparing to become the kind of woman I would love to be at 30. The decision to change my life and the realization that the power to do that was in my hands, were both empowering and liberating. No more holding on to a job that was not letting me grow and was draining all my energy, no more friends that were not willing to move forward, no more engaging in activities that were not worth my while, no more half measures, no more.

I was determined to do more of what I love, to stoke the fires of my passion, to disengage from any activity in which I would not be fully active, to experience life and not just live through it, to laugh more, to dance more and spread the gospel of Christ through dance, to spend more time with my family and very dear friends, to impact the lives of those around me positively,  to grow and embrace change and move forward.

I probably sound like a motivational speaker right now, but its all true. I’ve realized that I’m not like most people around me and find it hard to conform to norms as I know them a la go to school, get a job, get married and have children. While all these are good things to aspire to and are precious gifts from the Father, I crave an identity in addition to of all that. I want more out of life and I’ve realized that wishful thinking won’t get me there (well I always knew that, but I silently wished for a windfall as I slowly dragged my feet through life). I regret all the bad decisions I’ve made and all the opportunities I’ve passed up out of fear, laziness and indecision. But I’m not going to let that immobilize me. I going to lick my wounds and move forward. I know I’ll make more mistakes along the way, but by Jove, I’m gonna get up again.

I’ve got a new job, a new place and I’m more involved in my dance club, in church and with my family. And then I’ve got Koltureshoq. Its been such a joy crafting and sharing my projects on this blog. I knew it would be fun but I never knew how much. I’ve learned so much through blogging and discovered so much about myself that I never knew. I’ve met so many wonderful and creative people who I would not have met otherwise and who have made my life richer. Special thanks to Allison @ Dream A Little Bigger who took out time to explain link parties to me (you should see her really long email). For someone I’d never met, I was deeply touched and pleasantly surprised that she would go all the way for me. She’s been very supportive and has been my biggest cheerleader. I’m also grateful to Jessica of Plucky’s Second Thought who gave me the opportunity to guest blog.

And to you my dear followers, visitors and viewers, that put up with me (and my not-so-good pictures) and take the time to go through my blog and leave me beautiful and encouraging comments. You truly hold a special place in my heart and make me want to be better. I’m also grateful for the opportunity of meeting some really creative crafters/bloggers who have blessed the blogosphere with their awesome talents.

I hope 2014 brings us good health, love, laughter, conquest and the beautiful knowledge of Christ. Do more of what you love and don’t let anyone or any situation tell you its impossible. I’m possible.

Lots of love and deep appreciation,