I Wish I Made That! – Kristen Turner’s Curtain Maxi Dress

There are a couple of craft bloggers that I totally adore and practically blog stalked (that must be a thing) for a while before taking the plunge into craft blogging. I looked up to them (still do) and wondered if there was a magic tree where they ‘plucked’ up all their creative ideas. I would get to the office early enough and next toย  my daily devotional Our Daily Bread tab, I would type in their blog addresses in quick succession so the pages could load while I said my prayers…..lol. Yeah, my colleagues thought I was crazy too.

One of these craft heros is Kristen Turner of Glitter ‘N Glue. She’s a total craft genius and I truly admire her creativity. She can turn anything into a fashion item…..literally. Take this beautiful dress for instance, which she made from her curtains…..yup….you heard me right. Her CURTAINS!!! I warned you……hehehehehe




CRAZIE FUN FACT: She wore this dress to the Oscars ….I think.

Why don’t you find out for yourself. Head on over to her blog Glitter ‘N Glue and find out how she made this awesome dress on a really, really small budget. Have fun!

Lot of love,Omo


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