Why I Didn’t Feel Like Blogging Today: DIY Spray Painted Shoe Cap – Epic Fail

DIY spray painted shoe cap - epic fail


I didn’t feel like blogging today….oh….I sort of said that already. You get an interesting idea or you see something that someone’s pulled off in the DIY department and think to yourself, “hey, I can do THAT!” And then you go to work. 5, 10, 20mins…..or 24hours later, you’re done and set to show the world (a la colleagues at work) what a creative genius you are. You pass your new project off as a ‘walk in the park’ while holding out your imaginary basket to contain all the “ooohs”, “aaahs”, “you should do this full-time” and all other encouraging compliments and ego-boosting comments that makes it all worth your while.

And that’s where I thought the story of my DIY Spray Painted Shoe Caps project would end. Rinse and repeat, right? At least that’s where it ended for a while. That is until that evening  when I caught a ‘fashionista’ colleague of mine staring down at my shoes. I smiled up at her, held out my imaginary basket and waited for the compliments to start pouring in (my basket had gotten really heavy at this point). And then I noticed she wasn’t smiling. I followed her gaze all the way down to my shoes and cringed in horror!!!

The paint was all cracked up (and not in a funny way) and it seemed that each ‘pixel’ was taking turns at falling off the shoes. I was heart-broken. We had just taken a ‘stretch break’ from our budget session and were due back in. Worse still was the fact that I was next to present and I had to walk from my seat up to the podium to give my presentation. And I didn’t have a ‘back up’ shoe as I usually do.  It was devastating! Epic fail!

Oh well, I’m over it now…..yeah, right! I can’t seem to get the ‘incident’ out of my mind nor can I wait to get this little sucker DIY right. I’ve been obsessing over the options. Maybe I didn’t allow enough drying time. Maybe the surface was too glossy (its patent) and could use a little sanding. Guess we’ll just have to try and find out, won’t we?

I wasn’t going to blog about my failed project until I read Lauren’s post The Monday Mess Movement where she talked about making a mess and keeping it real with your readers at The Experimental Home

I most definitely will give this project another try (or tries)  until I get it right and will do well to update you as I go along. Suggestions how to do it better anyone?

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Lots of love from craft heaven,


2 thoughts on “Why I Didn’t Feel Like Blogging Today: DIY Spray Painted Shoe Cap – Epic Fail

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