DIY Spray Painted Shoe Caps

DIY sprayed shoe cap

Hey folks! Nice to be back after a long, busy and interesting weekend.

Monday was my day off after a crazy session of budget preparations, presentations and board report compilation. But I still couldn’t get enough sleep. What with my dance rehearsals, a meeting on the SOD Germany tour for next year, my salsa classes, the 2 dance performances I’m coordinating for kids in church, completing the 1st season of ‘Orange is the new black’ (not sure if there’s a 2nd season yet) and crafting, there was hardly enough time to sleep. Oh well, I heard last week that successful people don’t sleep that much anyway, so I’m just gonna tow that line and see if it works…hehehehe.

Anyways, at SOD meeting, PSegs made us commit to one physical activity which we must carry out this week. I chose to do 40 sit-ups everyday and you have no idea the kind of pain I feel. But I guess it’ll help in the long run because I’m still gonna get my body beat up once the Germany tour dance rehearsals commence; so I might as well start now. PSegs also gave us a task for this week – to read one self development book and submit a 200-300 word summary by Friday. All these came out of our agreement to be more disciplined about self development in all aspects of our lives, but that’s a different story. By the way, I chose to read ‘Understanding the purpose and power of Woman’ by Dr. Myles Munroe and I must say it is enriching eye-opener. Maybe I’ll share my summary of the book as soon as I’m done.

Right now, I’d like to share a tutorial about the face lift I gave an old pair of shoes. With all the different tutorials on spray painting your shoes, I was beginning to feel left out.

Here’s what you’ll need;
A pair of flats
Painter’s tape
Can of spray paint (I used Krylon’s 18k Gold Spray)
Blade (optional. I used it to cut off the bow from my flats)


DIY paint shoe cap

1. Clean your shoes with soft cloth or paper towel if necessary. Mine were patent leather shoes.

2. Get your painter’s tape, can of spray and blade nearby.

3. Using the blade, carefully cut out the bow or whatever fabric or accessory you have on the shoe cap.

4. Tape off the area you do not want the paint to touch and stuff the shoes with paper towel to fill them out

DIY painted shoe

5. Cover each shoe with paper towel or newspaper, leaving only the area to be painted exposed.

6. Cover each shoe with nylon bag as in 5 above for reinforcement.

7. Shake the paint can properly and spray evenly. I applied 3 coats with 10-15minutes between each coat. Please carry out your spraying in a well ventilated area, preferably outside.

8. I left it to dry overnight and then took off all protective covering including the painter’s tape.

Voila! I have myself a new pair of pretty gold capped black flats. Can’t wait to try them on.

Please give this tutorial a try and if you do, I’d be happy to see your projects

Lots of love from craft heaven,


PS: I shall update you soon on the ‘wearability’ of these shoes…lol

8 thoughts on “DIY Spray Painted Shoe Caps

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  2. No way! My friend was just wearing some shoes just like these a few nights ago at a party… I’ve totally got to show her these! So creative. Saw your post via our Link It or Lump It party, thanks for stopping by!


  3. Thank you so much for your kind words Amy. I’m new to craft blogging and I’m learning along the way. I just took the time to go through the rules for your link party and I think its an awesome idea. Great work Amy. I’ll be linking up again soon.


  4. Oh, man! Those are super cute. And I have to tell you that Orange is the New Black got watched up in 3 days here. I was living in front of that TV. It’s so good, isn’t it? No second season yet but hopefully soon. But back to the shoes… this is a great makeover! I doubt I would have worn them with the bows, but I’d rock the heck out of the gold toes!


    • Lol…..I can relate with you on that. Orange is the New Black is crazie good. The gold toes were good only for a day. Maybe its because I didn’t let it dry properly but I’m gonna try it again. Will let you know how it goes.


  5. I just purchased a pair of silver toed shoes for my daughter. Three weeks later the silver is flaking on her 50 dollar shoes. I am going to try this to get some more wear out of the shoes for her. Thanks!


  6. Oh Jackie, So sorry to hear about the silver flaking. You may wanna try sanding the surface a little before spraying if its glossy. I’m gonna do that this time and I might just use a primer before spray painting.


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