DIY Braided Seed Bead Necklace


I have/had this long multi-strand seed bead necklace which I didn’t wear often. As much as I loved this necklace, it was always too long to wear, except on very casual occasions (which is sorta like luxury to me) and it always got in my way (especially when it was time to dance….arrrggghh). If I wanted to wear it to the office, I would have to wrap it twice over my head and round my neck, to keep it short and in place. However, it always got so tangled by the middle of the day, that I would vow never to wear it ever again. I even thought of cutting it up and using the beads to make different bracelets but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. This picture shows me wearing the necklace short as I’ve described already (notice that I’m trying to hide my friends’ faces) and also gives an idea of how the necklace looks in its full length (cos I forgot to take a picture before braiding).


I’ve been seeing all these pictures of the braided seed bead necklace all over the internet and many of my colleagues have been rocking them lately. I even had to beg someone to take hers off so I could take a picture….I get all crazie like that sometimes.


Anyways, I had finished braiding my necklace when I realized that I hadn’t taken pictures for the tutorial (although in retrospect, I don’t think it still would have been possible). So I’m gonna ask you to pay a visit to Laura’s blog to see how see made her’s and I hope you try your hands on this DIY soon.


I have an/some interesting jewelry painting tutorial coming up soon so keep in touch.

Lots of love from craft heaven,


PS: I just realized that my DIY Seed Bead + Metal Necklace was featured on Allison’s Dream A Little Bigger link party. Yaaaayyy!!!!ย  Here’s my badge to prove it;

Dream a Little Bigger

I’m totally off to her link party…, right now!!!

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