Turn your sunglasses case into a leopard print clutch bag – awesome DIY!

DIY Leopard Print Clutch

I’ve got an awesome DIY to share today; I can hardly contain my excitement. I saw this DIY Leopard Box Clutch tutorial over at My Little Secrets and always thought it would be a great project to try out. And then recently, opportunity knocked on my DIY door and I opened not just the doors, but the windows and the sun roof as well….hehehehe.

I’d asked my colleagues at the office to bring me their old jewelry so I could re-purpose them and Sope brought hers in this really cool Gucci sunglasses case. However, it wasn’t exactly new and had some scratches all over it. Ding! And I decided to make lemonade.

Let’s dive right in to the tutorial, shall we?

What you’ll need

A big old (or new, if you like) Sunglasses case – preferably shaped like a purse

Spray paint or acrylic paint (white for the base and any other colour of your choice)

Primer (necessary if you’ve got peels on the case)

Permanent and/or paint markers (Black and Gold)

Gloss varnish spray


DIY Leopard Print Clutch 3

1. Sand the sunglasses case only if it’s glossy and be careful not to ‘peel’ the surface. I realized that later on that shouldn’t have sanded mine because it wasn’t glossy in the first place but I was paranoid after my spray painted shoe fail and I ended up peeling some areas in my anxiety. I used nail fil to sand by the way

DIY Leopard Print Clutch 5

2. Spray paint a base coat in white and allow drying to touch. Then spray paint in your favourite colour and leave for 12-24hours to let the paint dry completely. (I covered the inner part of the case surface with scotch tape to allow for some contrast).

Now I had an issue with the areas that got peeled because the paint never seemed to cover them and I was getting frustrated. Long story short, I went to an art shop and asked for a primer (a medium that artists paint on their canvas to cover mistakes before painting over them as well as other uses). I painted the primer all over the case, allowed to dry and then spray painted in yellow.

DIY Leopard Print Clutch 6

3. Using your black paint marker, draw out irregular shapes all over the case, fill the shapes with the paint and allow to dry. Next, use the gold marker to draw irregular shapes in the center of each black shape. If your shapes are too widely space and you might want to fill the spaces with small irregular shapes. You can also use this to cover any imperfections.

4. Outline the edges with the black marker and remove the scotch tape.

5. Spray with gloss varnish and allow to dry.

6. Rock your new leopard print clutch bag and hold out your imaginary basket to contain the accompanying compliments.

DIY Leopard Print Clutch 7

I totally had fun doing this project and I’m tempted to try it out on other materials – sneakers, t-shirts, who knows?

Please, please, please, do try out this tutorial. I would love to see what you come up with.

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Lots of love from craft heaven,


I wish I made that! – diy anthropologie tassel necklace

I’ve been thinking of dedicating one day a week to showing you a round-up of very creative and interesting works of other crafters that truly inspire me. I spend so many hours on the internet discovering and bookmarking their works (and sometimes trying them out) that it would be a shame not to share my wonderful experience with you. I hope to start the round-up next week and I’m thinking of a catchy phrase (ideas, anyone?) Right now I’ve come up with ‘I Wish I Made That – Weekly Wednesday Roundup’……what do you think?

DIY anthropologie tassel necklace

Source: Gina Michele

Anyways, I don’t think its fair to whet your appetite and not give you a taste of what’s to come. Right here is Gina Michele’s DIY Anthropologie Tassel Necklace. I think the denim, wood and suede blend in really well to give an earthy yet, urban feel. Add the tassel to the mix and this necklace is a total bomber! I’m inspired to make one myself and I’ll share it with you when I do. Meanwhile, if you’d like to try out this DIY, click here for the full instructions or see the other great works that Gina has on her website Gina Michele

I have a really wonderful project I’m working on and hope to finish tonight.

Hint: Sunglasses case, spray paint and permanent markers…..you see where I’m going with this? huh? huh?

Hope to see you here tomorrow then.

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Why I Didn’t Feel Like Blogging Today: DIY Spray Painted Shoe Cap – Epic Fail

DIY spray painted shoe cap - epic fail


I didn’t feel like blogging today….oh….I sort of said that already. You get an interesting idea or you see something that someone’s pulled off in the DIY department and think to yourself, “hey, I can do THAT!” And then you go to work. 5, 10, 20mins…..or 24hours later, you’re done and set to show the world (a la colleagues at work) what a creative genius you are. You pass your new project off as a ‘walk in the park’ while holding out your imaginary basket to contain all the “ooohs”, “aaahs”, “you should do this full-time” and all other encouraging compliments and ego-boosting comments that makes it all worth your while.

And that’s where I thought the story of my DIY Spray Painted Shoe Caps project would end. Rinse and repeat, right? At least that’s where it ended for a while. That is until that evening  when I caught a ‘fashionista’ colleague of mine staring down at my shoes. I smiled up at her, held out my imaginary basket and waited for the compliments to start pouring in (my basket had gotten really heavy at this point). And then I noticed she wasn’t smiling. I followed her gaze all the way down to my shoes and cringed in horror!!!

The paint was all cracked up (and not in a funny way) and it seemed that each ‘pixel’ was taking turns at falling off the shoes. I was heart-broken. We had just taken a ‘stretch break’ from our budget session and were due back in. Worse still was the fact that I was next to present and I had to walk from my seat up to the podium to give my presentation. And I didn’t have a ‘back up’ shoe as I usually do.  It was devastating! Epic fail!

Oh well, I’m over it now…..yeah, right! I can’t seem to get the ‘incident’ out of my mind nor can I wait to get this little sucker DIY right. I’ve been obsessing over the options. Maybe I didn’t allow enough drying time. Maybe the surface was too glossy (its patent) and could use a little sanding. Guess we’ll just have to try and find out, won’t we?

I wasn’t going to blog about my failed project until I read Lauren’s post The Monday Mess Movement where she talked about making a mess and keeping it real with your readers at The Experimental Home

I most definitely will give this project another try (or tries)  until I get it right and will do well to update you as I go along. Suggestions how to do it better anyone?

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DIY Spray Painted Shoe Caps

DIY sprayed shoe cap

Hey folks! Nice to be back after a long, busy and interesting weekend.

Monday was my day off after a crazy session of budget preparations, presentations and board report compilation. But I still couldn’t get enough sleep. What with my dance rehearsals, a meeting on the SOD Germany tour for next year, my salsa classes, the 2 dance performances I’m coordinating for kids in church, completing the 1st season of ‘Orange is the new black’ (not sure if there’s a 2nd season yet) and crafting, there was hardly enough time to sleep. Oh well, I heard last week that successful people don’t sleep that much anyway, so I’m just gonna tow that line and see if it works…hehehehe.

Anyways, at SOD meeting, PSegs made us commit to one physical activity which we must carry out this week. I chose to do 40 sit-ups everyday and you have no idea the kind of pain I feel. But I guess it’ll help in the long run because I’m still gonna get my body beat up once the Germany tour dance rehearsals commence; so I might as well start now. PSegs also gave us a task for this week – to read one self development book and submit a 200-300 word summary by Friday. All these came out of our agreement to be more disciplined about self development in all aspects of our lives, but that’s a different story. By the way, I chose to read ‘Understanding the purpose and power of Woman’ by Dr. Myles Munroe and I must say it is enriching eye-opener. Maybe I’ll share my summary of the book as soon as I’m done.

Right now, I’d like to share a tutorial about the face lift I gave an old pair of shoes. With all the different tutorials on spray painting your shoes, I was beginning to feel left out.

Here’s what you’ll need;
A pair of flats
Painter’s tape
Can of spray paint (I used Krylon’s 18k Gold Spray)
Blade (optional. I used it to cut off the bow from my flats)


DIY paint shoe cap

1. Clean your shoes with soft cloth or paper towel if necessary. Mine were patent leather shoes.

2. Get your painter’s tape, can of spray and blade nearby.

3. Using the blade, carefully cut out the bow or whatever fabric or accessory you have on the shoe cap.

4. Tape off the area you do not want the paint to touch and stuff the shoes with paper towel to fill them out

DIY painted shoe

5. Cover each shoe with paper towel or newspaper, leaving only the area to be painted exposed.

6. Cover each shoe with nylon bag as in 5 above for reinforcement.

7. Shake the paint can properly and spray evenly. I applied 3 coats with 10-15minutes between each coat. Please carry out your spraying in a well ventilated area, preferably outside.

8. I left it to dry overnight and then took off all protective covering including the painter’s tape.

Voila! I have myself a new pair of pretty gold capped black flats. Can’t wait to try them on.

Please give this tutorial a try and if you do, I’d be happy to see your projects

Lots of love from craft heaven,


PS: I shall update you soon on the ‘wearability’ of these shoes…lol

DIY Braided Seed Bead Necklace


I have/had this long multi-strand seed bead necklace which I didn’t wear often. As much as I loved this necklace, it was always too long to wear, except on very casual occasions (which is sorta like luxury to me) and it always got in my way (especially when it was time to dance….arrrggghh). If I wanted to wear it to the office, I would have to wrap it twice over my head and round my neck, to keep it short and in place. However, it always got so tangled by the middle of the day, that I would vow never to wear it ever again. I even thought of cutting it up and using the beads to make different bracelets but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. This picture shows me wearing the necklace short as I’ve described already (notice that I’m trying to hide my friends’ faces) and also gives an idea of how the necklace looks in its full length (cos I forgot to take a picture before braiding).


I’ve been seeing all these pictures of the braided seed bead necklace all over the internet and many of my colleagues have been rocking them lately. I even had to beg someone to take hers off so I could take a picture….I get all crazie like that sometimes.


Anyways, I had finished braiding my necklace when I realized that I hadn’t taken pictures for the tutorial (although in retrospect, I don’t think it still would have been possible). So I’m gonna ask you to pay a visit to Laura’s blog to see how see made her’s and I hope you try your hands on this DIY soon.


I have an/some interesting jewelry painting tutorial coming up soon so keep in touch.

Lots of love from craft heaven,


PS: I just realized that my DIY Seed Bead + Metal Necklace was featured on Allison’s Dream A Little Bigger link party. Yaaaayyy!!!!  Here’s my badge to prove it;

Dream a Little Bigger

I’m totally off to her link party…..like, right now!!!

I was featured on Two It Yourself

I haven’t been able to stop saying that all day…….”I was featured on Two It Yourself”. I’ve only started blogging and my work, the DIY Seed Bead and Metal Necklace was one of those featured of all the wonderful, unbelievable projects by some really creative geniuses who linked up at the Two It Yourself link party. If that’s not an ego booster, I don’t know what is. I’m just so excited and encouraged, my fingers are just itching to have a go at another interesting project (apart from my Arm Candy by Koltureshoq project though). Here’s my official ‘I was featured’ badge;

Two It Yourself

Two It Yourself is a craft blog by 2 sisters who love to DIY, as they say. Check out their blog here and be inspired to DIY.

I’m off to a linky party….. woo hoo!!! Who knows what might happen next…wink

Lots of love from craft heaven,


Update on my Arm Candy project + fabric covered bangles

I know I mentioned in my last post that I would talk about my new project soon. However, I had a mild relapse which means that my life has been a triangle of work, home and hospital; and that has not been very sexy! Anyways, in between all of that, I have been scouting the web and stalking some awesome bloggers for inspiration on my ‘Arm Candy by Koltureshoq’ project and it’s all so exciting (and almost overwhelming). From chain to beads to clay to crotchets and all sorts of macramé patterns, there are just so many possibilities. My creative juices are overflowing and my hands are just itching to start.

Oh snap, I think I should talk about it already. My goal is to make 500 arm candies (bracelets) by December 31. Now I know you might think it’s a lot of bracelets to make (I do too) and that I may get bored with doing the same thing over and over again (there’s that possibility); however, I have broken down this goal into smaller ‘achievable’ tasks. For instance, I will have to make at least 12 bracelets every day until December 31. In order to take care of the boredom problem, I will vary the kind, size, material and pattern of the bracelets I make each day. Right now, I have made 35 arm candies; which leaves me with 1,2,3,4……….350…..375…..401…..465 arm candies to go. What??? Phew!!!

I don’t have pictures of any of them right now, but I will soon and I’ll keep you updated. I’ll be creating stuff from my own ideas, inspiration from other bloggers and knockoffs from Anthropologie, Shopbop and the likes. If there’s any kind of bracelet you want me to try out, please let me know in the comments section and we’ll see what we can do about that.

Since I don’t have any tutorial pix and I totally want you to look at something nice, here’s a picture of some bangles that I made.


All you need are some bangles, fabric scraps, ribbon, scissors and glue. I’ll try and prepare a tutorial soon or I’ll hook you up with someone who does and you can DIY and have an arm party.

I would like tips on how to take better photographs and maybe some editing tips as well. Also thinking of getting a 16megapixel camera; whatyathink?