DIY Tribal Fringe Bib Necklace


I have been ill for quite a while now and so my desire and intention to blog has only been executed in my mind as my body didn’t quite get the memo to get up and write. As much as I hated the trips to the hospital, the countless, tasteless drugs, the fact that I couldn’t go for my dance rehearsals and the fact that I had to lie down all day (short of getting bed sores), I loved the recovery period because, well, it meant that I was recovering and it gave me time to explore the corners of my mind and organize my thoughts and ideas into smaller projects that I could work towards, as soon as I got out of bed.
So there, I’m still on medication but at least I’m back on my feet, back to the office, back to dance and back to craft heaven (yay!!!). I have commenced a project, Arm Candy by Koltureshoq, and its filling up whatever time I can squeeze out of my already busy schedule. My friend and I discussed it all weekend and the goal is to make 500 bracelets (arm candies) by the end of December. I’ll share all the details about it in my next post. Right now, I want share the tutorial of a DIY tribal fringe bib necklace that I made and wore to the office.

What you need:
Cord Necklace
Knitting or Embroidery thread
Acrylic paint
Paint brush
Masking tape

My own pictures for the tutorials are really awful because I took them with my phone in bad lighting. In the night. After work. (as with most of my projects), so I suggest you check out Kris Degraeve fringe necklace tutorial to understand the technique if you want to try your hands on this project. I really admire her work and she takes great pictures as well. I hope to be like her someday. If you’d still like to see my pictures however, here goes (I tried to edit them as much as I could)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I don’t want to put them up for fear of turning you guys away at first glance.

Just a few pointers if you’d like to try this project;

1. Use the masking tape to block off the areas you do not want to paint. Try out different patterns to get different results.
2. You can try using leather cords or waxed cotton thread to get different textures.
3. I wrapped the thread around my Ipad mini box to determine the length and number of threads I wanted to use. You can use a cereal box or any other sturdy box.
4. Tape your necklace to an A4 paper to make it easy to cut out the shape of your fringe.
5. You can switch it up and use chain instead of a cord necklace as Kris did here

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