DIY Elastic Belt

I was gonna put on my loose blue dress to the office this morning and I needed my big black belt to give it a good fit but I couldn’t find it for some reason. You know those big belts that can go on pretty much any outfit? Yeah, that one! And it was so frustrating that I couldn’t find it. Hmmm…..what to do?

I whipped out an old black elastic belt which has a polka dot buckle (tired from wear and tear) and a black sequined scarf, and decided to DIY a brand new belt! Yay!!!

What I used:
An old elastic belt
Black sequined scarf
Razor blade
A pair of scissors

1. Detach the buckle from the ends of the belt. I used the blade to do this as the buckle was sewn on to the belt. You can snip the buckles off using a pair of scissors.



2. Make a slit on either side of the belt, about 1 inch from each end.



3. Pass one end of the scarf through the slit on one end of the belt. Wrap the belt round your waist and close the belt by passing the other end of the scarf through the slit on the other end of the belt.

4. Tie the scarf into a bow and you’re ready to take on the world.




Hope you’ve enjoyed this and please come back to see more from me.

PS: I’ve been stalling on putting out my first DIY post for about 2 months. Its funny how it took me getting frustrated about looking for my belt this morning (and sending my boss a text saying I was stuck in traffic) to actually take the first step.

Update: On second thoughts, I think its better to use a fabric belt (or any other sturdy fabric for that matter). Because, my elastic belt is old and no longer very sturdy, the slits may not last very long from all the stretching (see pix below). We’ll have to whip up another version, won’t we?


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