DIY Tribal Fringe Bib Necklace


I have been ill for quite a while now and so my desire and intention to blog has only been executed in my mind as my body didn’t quite get the memo to get up and write. As much as I hated the trips to the hospital, the countless, tasteless drugs, the fact that I couldn’t go for my dance rehearsals and the fact that I had to lie down all day (short of getting bed sores), I loved the recovery period because, well, it meant that I was recovering and it gave me time to explore the corners of my mind and organize my thoughts and ideas into smaller projects that I could work towards, as soon as I got out of bed.
So there, I’m still on medication but at least I’m back on my feet, back to the office, back to dance and back to craft heaven (yay!!!). I have commenced a project, Arm Candy by Koltureshoq, and its filling up whatever time I can squeeze out of my already busy schedule. My friend and I discussed it all weekend and the goal is to make 500 bracelets (arm candies) by the end of December. I’ll share all the details about it in my next post. Right now, I want share the tutorial of a DIY tribal fringe bib necklace that I made and wore to the office.

What you need:
Cord Necklace
Knitting or Embroidery thread
Acrylic paint
Paint brush
Masking tape

My own pictures for the tutorials are really awful because I took them with my phone in bad lighting. In the night. After work. (as with most of my projects), so I suggest you check out Kris Degraeve fringe necklace tutorial to understand the technique if you want to try your hands on this project. I really admire her work and she takes great pictures as well. I hope to be like her someday. If you’d still like to see my pictures however, here goes (I tried to edit them as much as I could)

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I don’t want to put them up for fear of turning you guys away at first glance.

Just a few pointers if you’d like to try this project;

1. Use the masking tape to block off the areas you do not want to paint. Try out different patterns to get different results.
2. You can try using leather cords or waxed cotton thread to get different textures.
3. I wrapped the thread around my Ipad mini box to determine the length and number of threads I wanted to use. You can use a cereal box or any other sturdy box.
4. Tape your necklace to an A4 paper to make it easy to cut out the shape of your fringe.
5. You can switch it up and use chain instead of a cord necklace as Kris did here

DIY Seed Beads & Metal Necklace


I don’t really care if I’m still in the office at 9:50pm because, I’m looking at a 2-day holiday right in front of me. That’s right; its the Sallah break and I do not have to come to the office for 2 WHOLE DAYS!!! Yayyyyyy!!!!! *now dancing azonto*. Anyways, since all I’ll probably be doing is sleeping, eating and visiting, I thought I should share this really simple DIY project to keep you busy till I come back (i.e. if I can bring myself to stay away).

What you need

A flat metal pendant (not shown in its original state; it was from a ‘second hand’ necklace I bought in Lagos market)
E6000 Glue
Seed Bead (a variety of colours)
Chain (desired length)
Jump rings and lobster clasps


Seed Bead 1

1 – 4. Spread a good amount of glue on a section of the metal plate and ‘pour’ your seed beads on the glue. In my project, I divided the metal plate into sections and worked with different colours of seed beads, with a mix of colours in the middle and similar colours on either side.


Attach the chain to the metal plate using your jump rings and close the necklace with the lobster clasps.

I think it turned out pretty good. I’ve been rocking this particular piece for a while, and it works really well with many of my outfits. Feel free to experiment with various colours and patterns. I would love to see your work.

Lots of love from craft heaven,


PS: I was hoping you wouldn’t notice but, I placed the necklace in a shoe box to take the pictures (well, if you didn’t notice, now you do *lol*). Being a newbie blogger and all, I will appreciate some advice on how to build a light box and take really decent pictures.

PSS: Allison of Dream A Little Bigger is a total darling. She practically gave me a map to help me navigate the world of link parties. She’s an inspiration and officially on my list of craft mentors (and to think that she’s only been blogging for about a year). So I looked up her list of parties she likes to link up with and joined the party here and here. However, I’ll take her advice and create a separate page for link parties.

World Wide Wonder

For me, dance is an expression of the feelings and thoughts that I can not put into words. To express it in words would be to lose the essence and my communication would thus be ‘lost in translation’. Expressing my love for Christ and His gospel of love, hope and salvation through my beloved art is an honor and privilege and I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to express my passion in His vineyard through Spirit of David (Gospel Dance Club).

Spirit of David had its very first online show – World Wide Wonder (WWW) – on October 1, 2013 and it was a great experience. The edited version has just been uploaded our youtube page yay!!! Please feel free to go through our other dance ministrations while you are there.



DIY Sequins & Buttons Belt


My friend Jennifer (and ex-colleague) once wore this belt to the office and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. This picture does not do it any justice. Well, as you already know, I had to get one for myself and what better way than a DIY? Anyways, I gave the belt a once over to give me an idea of how to make it and off I went to craft heaven. Here’s my version;

What you need:
Buttons (all sorts)
Waist belt (preferably old and/or boring *lol*)


DIY Sequin & Buttons Belt

1. Cut out your preferred shape and size of felt. I initially wanted a circle but changed my mind and went for oblong.

2. Bring out your buttons. Flat-back buttons must be used; however, you can snip the back of the buttons that don’t have a flat back to make them flat.

3. Lay out your buttons on the felt in any arrangement you desire (remember to take a picture so you do not forget the arrangement).

4. Bring out your glue and squeeze out a little portion onto a blunt craft knife, toothpick, broomstick, etc (I used a small plastic knife). I used E-6000 glue. It is fantastic and I truly recommend it.

DIY Sequin & Buttons Belt 2

5. Spread the glue at the back of the button and place the button firmly into position as per your earlier arrangement.

6. Repeat step 4 for all your buttons.

7. Spread a little glue at the back of each of your sequins. In retrospect, I think a sequins strip will be much easier, neater and faster.

8. Fill in the obvious spaces with sequins. Allow to dry for about 15 minutes.

9. Glue the underside of your designed felt to the center of your belt.

10. Go out to the world and receive tons of compliments *lol*.

I really love this belt because it was one of the first knock-offs I made. Hope to share a lot more with you in the future. I think it turned out pretty nicely. What do you think?

DIY Sequin & Buttons Belt 3

Please feel free to share this post. I would absolutely love for you to try out this project and if you do, please share it with me.

Lots of love from craft heaven,


Wire Filigree Necklace

Today has been a very hectic day. Its the end of the 3rd quarter and there are loads of reports to prepare. Anyways, I’ll be leaving the office in a few minutes and I couldn’t resist the urge to show you one of my favorite creations. Remember I said earlier that my mum taught me an interesting technique using wire? Well, I made something interesting (pun unintended) and I hope it inspires you. I don’t have a tutorial for it yet but I hope to do that soon (please remind me). Just wanna whet your crafty appetite now, don’t I? *wink*

DIY Wire Filigree

Anyways, I’ve got to rush home now so I don’t fall asleep behind the wheels *yawn*.

Love from craft heaven,


DIY Elastic Belt

I was gonna put on my loose blue dress to the office this morning and I needed my big black belt to give it a good fit but I couldn’t find it for some reason. You know those big belts that can go on pretty much any outfit? Yeah, that one! And it was so frustrating that I couldn’t find it. Hmmm…..what to do?

I whipped out an old black elastic belt which has a polka dot buckle (tired from wear and tear) and a black sequined scarf, and decided to DIY a brand new belt! Yay!!!

What I used:
An old elastic belt
Black sequined scarf
Razor blade
A pair of scissors

1. Detach the buckle from the ends of the belt. I used the blade to do this as the buckle was sewn on to the belt. You can snip the buckles off using a pair of scissors.



2. Make a slit on either side of the belt, about 1 inch from each end.



3. Pass one end of the scarf through the slit on one end of the belt. Wrap the belt round your waist and close the belt by passing the other end of the scarf through the slit on the other end of the belt.

4. Tie the scarf into a bow and you’re ready to take on the world.




Hope you’ve enjoyed this and please come back to see more from me.

PS: I’ve been stalling on putting out my first DIY post for about 2 months. Its funny how it took me getting frustrated about looking for my belt this morning (and sending my boss a text saying I was stuck in traffic) to actually take the first step.

Update: On second thoughts, I think its better to use a fabric belt (or any other sturdy fabric for that matter). Because, my elastic belt is old and no longer very sturdy, the slits may not last very long from all the stretching (see pix below). We’ll have to whip up another version, won’t we?