Sinful Pleasure

What’s worse than writing a mental note to myself to shed some weight? Heading straight for the nearest Cold Stone outlet to get me some deliciously sinful ice cream experiment. It was originally Founder’s Delight (one of their signature mixes) but by the time I was done, it was all kinds of crazy in my cone. I take no responsibility for my actions. It is all Mo’s fault. You see, she’s in a weight loss program and is supposed to reward herself every weekend after ‘weighing’ and she decided that she would go to Cold Stone for her reward. This is just me supporting her, so she doesn’t feel all alone in this sinful pleasure. Hehehhehehe

Anyways, the working week starts tomorrow. Hope you had a great weekend, because I did (although my body still hurts from yesterday’s dance rehearsals). Its the start of a new month and the start of the second half of the year. Its not too late to reflect on the first half and catch up on our resolutions. This is God giving us a second chance. Let’s take advantage of the opportunities before us and forge ahead in spite of our fears. Have a grand plan and break it down into measurable bits. I’ll let you in on some of my plans for this second half of the year and will hopefully get ideas on how to measure progress.

Enjoy the rest of Sunday and have a happy new month ahead.


Do you remember the time…….? This is for the Book Lovers

There are some people you meet in life that you just click with. You see the person and he/she is sooooo like you, its hard to believe. I met Tamo in our first year in the university and I knew we were going to be friends. We talked, walked and dressed alike. People even we say we had the same mannerisms. I had a lot of people accuse me of snubbing them because they thought I was Tamo and she was me.

In science, like poles repel and that was no different with Tamo and I (at least in the beginning). I thought she was phony because there was no way that 2 people could be so alike. I mean, we were both tomboys, had strong personalities, both wore bowler hats and bandanas (I wore mine everyday) and both had monostrap knapsacks. But I liked her and we soon became great friends. Its important for you to know this because I don’t easily make female friends.

Tamo is now a doctor and I’m a recent ex-corporate banker turned soon-to-be investment banker and I haven’t seen her in over 8 years. We don’t talk very often, but whenever we talk on phone or chat on BBM, we carry on our conversation like we saw each other just yesterday. We were having one of such conversations this morning and it took me so far down memory lane, I just had to share. She used one of the covers of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five as her display picture (dp) this morning (we are both book lovers) and the following conversation ensued (verbatim);

Omo, Tamo

Omo: (seeing the book cover) Yay!!! I remember that one

Tamo: (laughs) old mama

Omo: You sef. But it was so interesting. I used to get lost in all those books

Tamo: As in…EVERY. SINGLE. ONE men. Even Secret Seven….. Three Golliwogs…

Omo: Yay!!!

Tamo: Enid Blyton was VERY instrumental to my upbringing men.

Omo: I was just thinking the same thing o. Honestly

Tamo: Can u remember Mallory Towers? St Clairs…. The Enchanted Woods?

Omo: Wow! Your memory men. I’m almost emotional

Tamo: Em….Amelia Jane series!!! Infact, at a point my Dad got scared that we were getting too enthralled in “foreign” books.

Tamo: He started buying all them…Chike and The River, African Night Entertainment….PACESETTERS!!!!

Omo: Hahahhhahaha. I used to read any and everything. My parents stared screening my books.

Omo: Ahh. Pacesetters were crazy good o. Forget. My dad had a whole collection.

Tamo: Na Pacesetters open the door to them romance novels for me.=)). But I could never bring them home.

Omo: I didn’t know how interesting they were until I’d exhausted my ‘foreign’ books.

Omo: You could never bring Pacesetters home? Why?

Tamo: No, I mean the romance novels na? All them M & B (Mills & Boons)

Omo: Yes na, that’s part of why my parents started screening

Tamo: I once brought home a JHC book from a classmate in primary 5….my mother beat me within an inch of my life! I NEVER read one of his books again..till date.

Omo: JHC??? :s

Tamo: James Hardley Chase. U remember the racey covers na?

Omo: Oh! Yeah, that’s true o

Tamo: Naked girl and a gun..etc, etc

Omo: LOL. I read many of his books o.

Tamo: Men! My Mumsy went all yoruba gangsta on my bumbum that day eh??? Choi!!! I say even if I see a JHC book today my first instinct is the flinch.=D

Omo: Lol=D. Pele o. Then Sweet Valley High

Tamo: Yaaaaay!!! SVH!!!

Omo: And Sweet Valley University

Tamo: Awwwwwwww….({})

Omo: =D

Tamo: Its no wonder we were friends in abraks.

Tamo: Then my “dark” days (according to my mom)…GREEK MYTHOLOGY.

Omo: Haa. That one was from primary school

Tamo: Of course!! All these ones I’m saying is primary school na

Omo: We had (and still have) these set of encyclopaedias that had greek myths in the last book

Tamo: My Mom lost “hold” over me as soon as I stepped into Fed Govt boarding house and seniors cut my tail and toughened my skin men.

Omo: Lol! I read all sorts of myth books o

Omo: Some of them contained astral travel, witch burning and the likes. Then my parents said its enough

Tamo: Oh! U see? Ur folks acted up too.

Tamo: Mumsy na Yoruba na..u know how yoruba women are. Then my “dark” days (according to my mom)…GREEK MYTHOLOGY.

Tamo: I guess she was scared of a 7/8year old spending more time with Hercules and Achilles instead of John and Paul.

Omo: Hahhahahha @ John and Paul

Tamo: U gotta admit, its kinda weird for a kid.

Omo: Ah, my parents acted up oo!! Thank God they did. Do you know the kind of influence books had on us back then?

Tamo: Abi ooo! Maybe by now you would be in Aphrodites temple in Greece

Omo: Hahhahahahhaha=)) =)). You’re not alright

Tamo: My dear, I ordered Kore Samson to “kiss me at once!” in primary 4.

Omo: :O. Hahahhahahha. Why na?

Tamo: Poor boy..I was acting on “Evbu my love” (pacesatter)

Omo: Hahhahhahahha({})

Tamo: Kiss me or I deck him!>:/

Tamo: Poor dude didn’t stand a chance=))

Omo: *holding my stomach and rolling on the floor* Hahhahahaha=))

Tamo: Kissed me on my cheek and ran away crying.

Tamo: Smh (shaking my head)

Omo: Hahhahahaha=)) =)) =))

Omo: I’ve got tears running down my cheeks right now

Tamo: =D

Omo: Tamo, I couldn’t eat or sleep until I’d finished a book

Omo: When I went to the toilet, I’d spend about 2 hours in there. My mum would complain all the time.

Omo: She used to stand in front of the toilet door waiting for me to come out. Then she’d sieze my book and land me one hot slap.

Omo: So I started hiding it under my dress before coming out. Then I’d use my pant to support it. X_X

Omo: When she found that out one, I started hiding the books in the toilet. I would climb on the bath tub, stretch my hand on to the heater tank and hide my book on top of it.



Tamo: I once used crayons to paint both heels of my feet cos I was SURE if an ant bit me there, I would die. #Achilles.

Omo: Oh my God =)) =)) , Tamo!!!


Omo: There’s no way I’m not blogging about this


Tamo: Berra not mention my name oooo!

Omo: Please naaaaa

Omo: ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

Omo: I’ve had so much fun this morning


Omo: ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Tamo: Nope!!!!

Omo: Oblige me na

Tamo: U could say a “close friend of mine”
But no names>:/

Omo: ๐Ÿ˜ฅ ๐Ÿ˜ฅ ๐Ÿ˜ฅ Pls na. It’ll make it so much better

Tamo: Omo? No names.

Tamo: U can use Omorinola.

Omo: Why? I’m not using your surname na

Tamo: Nope.

Omo: Omorinola is not natural to me

Tamo: Omo,everyone that knows u and I would know its me na. Omorinola is my 3rd name..that’s cool enuff.

Omo: Please na

Tamo: I say No o..hian! Ngwanu.

Omo: ๐Ÿ˜ฅ ๐Ÿ˜ฅ ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

Tamo: Lolz! Chic! U forget I’m a last born.
Whining is my stock in trade. I’m immune to your whining. =))

Name or no name the story wd be still as interesting na?

I’ll use Tee. Is that fine?

Omo: PING!!!

Omo: PING!!!

Tamo: Tee is okay.

Tamo: But not any of the names people know me by

Omo: Ok, I’ll use Tamo. Hehehehhe

As you’ve already guessed, I had to change her name to something close enough but I hope you enjoyed the conversation as much as I did. Its the beginning of a fun day and I’m off to dance rehearsals.

Enjoy your Saturday