Moving out, moving in

Today’s my last day at my bank. This is where I started my career and have only ever worked – and I’ve done that for 5 years. I sent out a farewell mail to my colleagues yesterday and received a tirade of questions and heartfelt goodwill messages. I’m using this opportunity to rebrand myself, both inside and out. New shoes, new bags, new clothes (I’ll post pics later), a different hairstyle, freshly psyched mentality. Every once in a while, we have to rebrand ourselves, come out of the rut of our routine lives and throw in some change and excitement here and there. It’ll re-energize us and breathe some enthusiasm, positivity and fresh air into our lives again. I feel both excited and scared about the future but I know that God’s got my back, as always.

That said, its been a crazy week for me. I’m searching for a new place and agents are giving me all kinds of rules and regulations. Its gotta be on the island to make my new life as easy and as uncomplicated as possible (if you’ve got any ideas, pls let me know). Goodbye to driving all the way to festac at night and waking up at 4:20am just to avoid traffic and get to the office on time; goodbye to hopping from one friend’s house to another with all my clothes in my car; goodbye to sleeping in my car when it was too late to drive to festac and going to the gym in the morning to bathe (that was a while back though); goodbye to living on junk food. I want change and I’m going to embrace it.

I’ve cleared out my desk and still got my handover note to write. Its been a crazy house for 5 years and I both loved and hated it. I’m resuming my new job on Monday, which happens to be my birthday (this is God’s birthday gift to me – don’t hate, he loves me that much). Don’t forget to send my birthday gifts to my new office – it’ll leave such a huge impression on my new colleagues, hehehhehe. I’m off to tie the loose ends on the last page in this chapter of my life.

Ta ta

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