Ain’t life grand?

I woke up by 6am today. It started raining heavily so I went back to sleep and woke up officially by 10am. You see, life is beautiful when you’ve tendered your resignation at your office and you’ve got one week left to work there. You pretty much can do anything! Let it be known though that of the 4 weeks notice I gave my office, I’ve diligently worked for 3weeks, giving them my best. I think I can afford to act irresponsibly for the last one week. And that’s exactly what I did today. After I woke up, I took off my braids while watching a movie, then went to the salon to relax my hair.

Its 4:30pm and I’m just getting to the office. Make e no be like say I no come work today. All in all, its been a crazy good day and I look forward to the next act of irresponsibility. Hehehehehehehe!!!

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