Road Trip

I used to love road trips a lot. Every year, my family would travel to Benin to see my maternal grandparents or to PortHarcourt to visit our family friends. My mum and dad would each take turns to drive, and at each stop, we would buy all sorts – bread, groundnuts, bananas, soft drinks, chinchin. It was food heaven! Occasionally, my dad would give us a brief history of the town or village we were driving past and the tirade of questions would begin. On getting to Benin, my brother and I would hide behind the seats and asked our dad to tell ‘mama’ that we didn’t come along but he never did (he said he didn’t like lying, darn!). These memories form vital stitches in the fabric of my being. I absolutely loved every minute of it!!!

Today, I’m making one of such trips. But this time, I’m going to Ibadan in the company of my dear friend Adim and his dear fiancee Nkem. We are going to witness the wedding of our dear friend Oti and his dear fiancee Awa. This time its not my mum and dad taking turns driving (we’ve paid a driver to do that) and we are not buying every food item we lay our eyes on.

It all feels so grown up and scary and interesting and great and different. I am so happy for all of us but at the same I have butterflies in my stomach, both unsure and excited about the future. It seems like all the road trips we have each made is taking us closer to who we are in the journey of our lives.

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