For the love of Dance

The Spirit of David show was ‘fantabulous’. All the dances, costumes and yes, food!!! (did I mention I am a foodie?) And I heard the kiddies dance was awesome as well (I came late for the show). Dagogo and Vodina emerged as champions of this year’s Couples Dance Championship (Wale,Seyi and I are the outgoing champions) and they went home with all sorts of gifts. I’m so green right now! 


All in all, it was a beautiful show and we can only believe that God has once again used us to minister to the hearts and lives of people through this wonderful gift of dance. I’ll post pictures and/or videos from the show once I get them (and PSegs permission of course). By the way, SOD is 16years today. Yay!!! 16years of ministrations and touching lives through dance. We ask for His grace to continue to lead us in this path and to use us for His glory. 


Can’t wait for the next dance project. Until then I’ll keep going for my salsa classes and Stephen’s dance burnout classes.


As you can already tell, I’m a dance junkie.



One thought on “For the love of Dance

  1. hi babes! Happy Easter to you. let us know when you ‘load-up’ the SOD videos. tanks 🙂 funny the post about ur bus experience, lol


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