Food of Life

ImageImagine that I get to church and find out that I am the chairperson for the youth launching the following day. Oh my days! How I hate to stand in front of a crowd and then stand unprepared. I had to start racking my brain for a speech that would help me seem very confident and motivate people to dip their hands into their pockets and launch well well. But it wasn’t working. There was no inspiration (or was it the hunger?)


  1. Anyways, in comes the royal food of life to my rescue. Moi-moi and pap (yay!!!) If you know me well, you’ll understand my love for pap (ok maybe you won’t understand it, but you sure will be aware of it) with sugar and LOTS of milk. Yummy!ย 


Now what paragraph of my speech was I writing? (holding a torch in one hand and my pen in the second) Ahh… there you are…

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