Lagos Na Wa – 5:30pm

The traffic in Lagos is so annoying, it makes me wish I was one of the characters in “Rent A Ghost” so I can appear and disappear as I please where ever I want.

Its bad enough that its bumper to bumper as far as the eyes can see but to be stuck in the same bus with a drunk who obviously has no clue what’s going on around him, is another matter. This guy is just a Learner! He has given us a skewed, vivid and unsolicited picture of his family tree. So far I’ve learned that his father is from Badagry, his mum is from Cotonou and he is from Ghana (that’s confusing seeing that he was born, raised and is based in Lagos); he loves women and refers to us as flowers (actively seeking concurrence from other men in the bus); he want Nigerians to cooperate (but doesn’t seem to know why we should); he is a very wealthy man (which he will prove to us if we are willing to follow him to the Cotonou border – he swears with his life on this one), he has travelled far and wide – “where have you travelled to?”, he asks one of the passengers; and he is a total ass. All of this information was given to us on top of his voice and with the strong stench of alcohol. I’m just tired of it all. The noise he’s making is filtering into my thoughts and preventing me from writing. I’ll talk to y’all later.


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