Thank God its still Good Friday (1:38pm)

I can’t believe that I waited in front of the PEP store for Image2 hours before it dawned on me to ask whether or not the store was opening today! Turns out (as you might have already guessed) they do not open on public holidays. Darn! I was gonna show you guys my thrifty skills. Not to worry though. I had lined up another event to exhibit this unique gift (thriftiness I mean). You do know its a gift right?


So I zoom off to the Lagos Mega Shoe sale to get my thrift on and I couldn’t believe the number of girls that can fit into a room. It was amazing. But the shoes weren’t so amazing to me (in terms price vs style vs variety) but the quality was good. I was able to snag 2 shoes though @ N13,000 for both of them. Fair, but not so thrifty if you know where I’ve been. Please see pix above. Not really satisfied though because I was hoping to buy more shoes for my new job (resuming on my birthday, yay!!!) So off to my office to browse my special shopping websites, which I’ll reveal in due time and to wait for Dayo, the seamstress who’s making my dress for Oti’s wedding.



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